CRA Meeting Invitation

Curtin Residents Association

Round Table Meeting


2.30 pm to 4 pm Sunday, 28 August 2016

St James Hall, Uniting Church, 40 Gillies Street, Curtin

Curtin Residents Association members are invited to a round table meeting on Sunday, 28 August. Any other people interested in becoming members of the Curtin Residents Association are also invited to attend.

The Association is a community organisation run by a committee of volunteers elected at Annual General Meetings. In its current start-up phase, the Association has an Inaugural Committee. Members of that committee together with the Curtin Residents Association rules, purposes and objectives are set out at .

The work of the Curtin Residents Association is guided by the views and concerns of members relating to the Association’s purposes and objectives. Round table meetings will be held from time to time to discuss current issues and priority objectives.

This round table, the Curtin Residents Association’s first, is to provide members with information about the work of the Association and to seek members’ views on priorities. The format will be divided between presentations and discussions.



Objectives and Purposes of the Curtin Residents Association

Purposes and Objectives


Linking with ACT planning

Experiences from another Residents Association

Di Johnstone, Vice-President, Deakin Residents Association

ACT Planning

Overview of ACT Planning relevant to Curtin

Group Centre Master Plan

CRA Initial Priorities

Open floor on priorities


Afternoon tea will be available.


Curtin Residents Association Inc.

PO Box 261 Curtin ACT 2605

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