About the CRA

What is the Curtin Residents Association?

The Curtin Residents Association Inc. (CRA) is a not-for-profit association incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory.    The objects and purposes of the Curtin Residents Association are to support the Curtin community by:

a.       enhancing the residential, suburban, social and environmental qualities of Curtin, consistent with the distinctive character of Curtin;

b.      fostering participation in ACT planning for land management, transport, services, town planning and community spaces, consistent with Curtin’s open community residential settings, urban village central precinct and the ACT Garden City objectives;

c.       providing advocacy to the ACT and Commonwealth Governments on proposals that affect Curtin, together with associated advocacy and representation before tribunals and courts;

d.      supporting the work of the Woden Valley Community Council.

The full text of the Association’s Rules is available at CRA Rules.

Why Incorporated?

The CRA has been created to provide a long term framework for supporting Curtin communities.

Membership of the Association is open to any resident of Curtin or as approved by the CRA Committee.

The Association members elect a Committee to manage its affairs. Any member can be nominated to join the Committee, with elections held at an Annual General Meeting in each calendar year.

By incorporating the Association, the community owned organisation commits to compliance with the ACT Legislation covering open members’ meetings, open elections and transparency in the use of any funds raised or donated.