Introducing the CRA


The Curtin Residents Association Inc (CRA) is a framework for supporting Curtin residents focused on enhancing the residential, suburban, social and environmental character of Curtin.  The organisation is community owned. It supports local community groups and events as priorities and resources allow.

The CRA has interests in common with like-minded suburban communities throughout Canberra, and in particular with those in the wider Curtin locality.

The CRA also contributes to the work of Community Councils in developing city-wide planning, and with the Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) in areas having an impact on Curtin.   The Association fosters participation in ACT planning for land management, transport, services, town planning and community spaces, guided by members’ support on various issues and inheritance of Curtin’s open community residential settings with an urban village central precinct.

The CRA seeks to provide advocacy and representation to the ACT and Commonwealth Governments, on proposals that affect Curtin.  The CRA also advocates on developments, at individual and group levels, where the balance between quality of residential living, public amenity and developer interests is at issue.

The CRA maintains this web-site to provide Curtin residents with information about the work of their fellow residents, and of the Committee.  It is structured to facilitate engagement of residents with issues the Association can support.  More generally the web-site aims to contribute to the celebration of Curtin as a special place for living, working and socialising in Canberra.

We distribute more up to date information through our newsletter, sent to members nine or ten times each year.

CRA Committee