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Public Meeting 18 February 2024: dementia village and election issues

Woden Uniting Church Hall     3pm Sunday 18 February

For members and the general community:
the Curtin Residents Association is running a public community meeting at
3pm Sunday 18th February
at the Woden Uniting Church hall on Gillies St.

Everyone who is interested in the ongoing development of Curtin and its services and infrastructure is encouraged to come along.
There are two topics:

1. The proposed village-style dementia facility to be built at the old North Curtin Primary School site on Carruthers St (where the Emergency Services Agency was based).
The Suburban Land Agency is handling the tender process for the development. The SLA will be at our meeting to present information on the development and their progress with community consultation.

2. Ideas ahead of the 2024 ACT elections: we want to hear what issues you suggest the CRA should advocate to candidates in this 2024 election year.

Come along to find out more and have your say.
Refreshments provided.

if you can’t come we’d like to hear from you – email info@curtinresidents.asn.au

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Copies of the presentations at Public Meeting and AGM 26 Nov 2023

Here are the slide shows that were presented at the public meeting and AGM on 26 November 2023 in PDF.

This includes


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Public meeting and AGM Sunday 26 November 2023

The Annual General Meeting and a public meeting will be held on Sunday 26 November

The AGM starts 3pm, public meeting at 3.30. Woden Uniting Church, Gillies St, Curtin.

  • AGM agenda: reports and elections. 3pm
    • nominations for office bearers and committee members will be accepted at the meeting,
      or up until midnight Saturday 25 Nov by email or on paper:
      print a form from here: Committee nomination form 22Nov23
  • Refreshments tea, coffee, cakes from 3.15pm
  • public meeting 3.30pm
    • brief on current issues
      • ACT and NCA planning, North Curtin residential area (horse paddocks)
      • the Wesley Mission proposal for supported housing on the Block
      • areas identified for infill in the Woden District Strategy
      • nature reserve in Curtin Park (Illoura horse area)
    • a longer presentation from the Suburban Land Authority on the village-style dementia facility that is planned for the site of the North Curtin primary school.


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CRA submission to government on Demolition proposal for North Curtin Primary School site

The Residents Association has made a submission of comments on the Development Application (DA) for demolition of the North Curtin Primary School buildings, ahead of intended redevelopment as a village style residential dementia care facility.
Follow this link for the full 3 page submission in PDF CRA Representation DA202341633.

Here is a summary:

The primary area of concern is tree protection and preservation. Traffic management is also a concern.

The critical importance of tree protection and preservation

Protecting and preserving the existing trees on the site is critically important for two reasons:

(1) mitigating the urban heat island effect because of its adverse impact on the health and well-being of future elderly residents and (2) meeting the ACT Government’s objective of protecting and enhancing habitat in the ACT’s blue-green network.

Improving proposed actions to protect and preserve trees

The proposed actions proposed in the development application to protect and preserve trees are generally good; however, some improvements are necessary to (1) increase the protection of trees from damage during the demolition process and (2) increase the number of existing trees retained.

Traffic management

Effective and safe traffic management for streets adjacent to the site will be crucial.

While Carruthers St is a secondary route with a wide carriageway, Storey, Jenkins and Prendergast Streets are narrow. They do not have footpaths. Storey Street is a cul de sac. Consequently, they are not suitable for large or heavy vehicles.

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WINTER SOLSTICE event 2pm Saturday 24 June 2023

It’s as close to the Winter Solstice as we can get on a weekend!

Winter Solstice in Curtin Square
at the shops

Saturday 24 June 2023

Hot Live Music

Family Fun Activities

Walk the labyrinth

Sausage Sizzle by Curtin Primary School P&C

Come along and have fun in the square!

A Curtin Residents Association Community Project


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Tables in the Square 2023 – Saturday 13 May

We are having a mini-fair this Autumn, named Tables in the Square.
There will be just a few tables of things to buy, be informed, exchange.

Saturday 13 May  –  10am-2pm – Curtin Square

with a free sausage sizzle by Woden Valley Community Council

There are tables with

  • jam for sale
  • books for sale, to swap, to donate
  • plants and garden stuff
  • cakes
  • craft
  • residents association information
  • local environment information


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Submissions and comments on the ACT Planning Review

The ACT Government planning review closed for comments on 3 March.

Here is the Curtin Residents Association Submission (with corrections).

If you would like to have your own submission published here please send as an email attachment to info@curtinresidents.asn.au

The government has published 80 written submissions from across Canberra at https://yoursayconversations.act.gov.au/act-planning-review under the heading Written Submissions, which is found about one third down the page.

All our recommended comments

these were published and put into Curtin letterboxes before submissions closed

Links to the draft plans and strategies


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ACT Government planning strategy

Here is the information page on Curtin Residents Association views on the planning strategy with the links to more information and to the Government YourSay page.

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Active Travel Plan – CRA comments August 2022

The ACT Government published its proposed Active Travel Plan for comments in August 2022.

The CRA made a three page submission including the points outlined in our August newsletter.
Link here for our Active Travel Plan submission, including the relevant map of linkages and pathways in the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan.
The key points in our submission are:

The intent of the ACT Government’s Draft Active Travel Plan—More Canberrans walking and cycling more often to improve quality of life—is welcome. However, the Plan focuses far too much on areas close to shops and schools for walking and on cycling between Group and Town Centres.

The objective of More Canberrans walking and cycling more often will only be realised if the focus of this Plan is a person’s whole journey, from home to destination, and not just those parts of that journey that are covered by the current Draft.

Recreational walking and cycling are also important for realising the objective as are trips  to the shops and other local services; however, they are neglected in this Draft Plan. The measures of success on page 10 of the Draft Plan are narrowly focused on work-related travel: they must be expanded to include recreational walking and cycling, and trips to the shops and other local services.

Discussion of e-mobility technologies in the Draft Plan is too near-term. In the relatively near-term (roughly the next five years) more people may prefer to use a small electric vehicle (a three-wheeler, like those used for postal delivery) rather than a car for short local trips but would not use an e-scooter or electric-boosted bicycle. These small electric vehicles would make a journey easier than walking and give some shelter from the weather for local shopping and other visits. They should be included in the ACT’s Active Travel Plan.

Improving infrastructure for walking, cycling and e-mobility within Curtin is a prerequisite if more Curtin residents are to walk, cycle and use e-mobility devices more often to improve their quality of life. This extends to the surrounding district: connections with adjoining suburbs and the nearby Town Centre.


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Recent Submissions on DAs and Policy: Statesman Hotel and tree canopy

The Curtin Residents Association made a submission to ACT government concerning the DA for the Statesman Hotel 20 July 2022.

The submission is linked here FinalRepnStatesmanDA202240293 (PDF)

We wrote to Minister Gentleman April 2022 with concern that DV369 the Draft Variation to the territory plan to ensure better tree canopy cover had been eviscerated – and there is no sign of the fix that he promised.  The letter is linked here DV369 CRA April2022-final (PDF)



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