CRA submission to government on Demolition proposal for North Curtin Primary School site

The Residents Association has made a submission of comments on the Development Application (DA) for demolition of the North Curtin Primary School buildings, ahead of intended redevelopment as a village style residential dementia care facility.
Follow this link for the full 3 page submission in PDF CRA Representation DA202341633.

Here is a summary:

The primary area of concern is tree protection and preservation. Traffic management is also a concern.

The critical importance of tree protection and preservation

Protecting and preserving the existing trees on the site is critically important for two reasons:

(1) mitigating the urban heat island effect because of its adverse impact on the health and well-being of future elderly residents and (2) meeting the ACT Government’s objective of protecting and enhancing habitat in the ACT’s blue-green network.

Improving proposed actions to protect and preserve trees

The proposed actions proposed in the development application to protect and preserve trees are generally good; however, some improvements are necessary to (1) increase the protection of trees from damage during the demolition process and (2) increase the number of existing trees retained.

Traffic management

Effective and safe traffic management for streets adjacent to the site will be crucial.

While Carruthers St is a secondary route with a wide carriageway, Storey, Jenkins and Prendergast Streets are narrow. They do not have footpaths. Storey Street is a cul de sac. Consequently, they are not suitable for large or heavy vehicles.

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