AGM report for 2021 – minutes

minutes of AGM 2021 (Feb 19 2021)

Minutes from Curtin Residents Association

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dated: 21 February 2021



  • Welcome
  • Reports
    • President
    • Treasurer
    • Membership
  • Election of new committee
  • Refreshments
  • Guest Speakers:
    • Evan Mann will speak about the ‘My Home’ development.
    • Fiona Carrick on the need for infrastructure in Woden.
    • Ian Elsum will talk about the development of the new Curtin Diplomatic precinct.

President Chris Johnson introduced himself and opened the meeting by welcoming all members and guests. Chris then explained that the AGM had been deferred from November last year because of COVID 19.


         Lynne Johnson

         Ivan Johnstone

         Max McGregor

         Pam Swaffield

         Peter Forster

         Louise Moran


President’s Report (attached) Chris Johnson:

  • Thanks to all members who have assisted during the year;
  • The only event that was held was ‘Welcome to Spring’ (part of Floriade);
  • Chris explained that the CRA is an umbrella organisation for groups such as the gardening club;
  • The gardening club has been involved in:
    • Adopt a Park
    • Floriade
    • Permanent planting at the Fred Ward Aged Care Facility
  • The building development at 41-44 Curtin Place continues. The number of public toiles will be two, down from the previous three, despite correspondence with the Ministers for Planning (Mick Gentleman) and for City Services (local member Chris Steel).The plans finally approved for development are not available to the public, which makes scrutiny of it meeting the conditions difficult.
  • Nine CRA newsletters have been produced since the last AGM.

Treasurer’s Report (attached) Monica Pflaum:

  • Monica stated that minor variations in the report are because of the timings in Grant issue;
  • The books are in order and will be submitted with the auditor’s report to the ACT Government


Membership Report (attached) Ann Parkinson:

  • Ann pointed out the decrease in membership
    • Committee is looking into ways to increase our membership and would appreciate any ideas from CRA members
  • Event organisation (such as Autumn Fair, Midwinter Solstice, Jam Fest, Post to Plots) are under the CRA umbrella
  • Ann thanked members who have been involved in these events for their time, skills, and organisational abilities. Specifically, Ann extended a big thank you to Liz Lester for all her hard work across all events
  • Ann pointed out that we can only run events with the help of members, and has put out a big call for volunteers
    • We need members to lead these events (not just committee members)
  • Feedback from members was requested by show of hands for two events to be held this year. These are:
    • Autumn Fair, and
    • Welcome to Spring

The reports were moved to be accepted by Joan ….. and seconded by Evan Mann.



Chris invited Evan Mann (a long standing member of CRA) to officiate the election of a new committee. All positions were declared vacant.

Nominations for all positions were received:

President               Chris Johnson

Vice President        Ian Elsum

Treasurer              Monica Pflaum

Secretary               Anne Brown-Bryan

Ordinary Members   Robin Stanton

Ann Parkinson (Membership)

Julia Tresidder


The AGM paused for refreshments at 2.30pm, and guest speakers at 2.45pm.

The meeting closed at 4pm.




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