CRA meeting about the new Draft Master Plan for Curtin Group Centre – public responses are open

The Curtin Residents Association will hold a meeting for members and interested prospective members on Sunday 6 May, from 2 to 4 pm. This time we will be at the Hughes Community Centre at the Hughes shops.

At this meeting we will explain the revised draft of the Master Plan for the Curtin Group Centre. This plan is open for public comment until 6 June.

The plan has been posted on the windows of Coles Curtin supermarket, and is online at

This plan has been developed from the previous draft that we saw in 2016 and from the community panel process during 2017, at which the government planners heard from developers and community groups including the Curtin Residents Association.

This revision has good points, and some not-so-good, that we think need to be discussed by the community, the residents and users of the Curtin Centre.

We encourage you to submit your comments, whether you are supporting or objecting to the plan. We need to make a strong response to the government to show them how the plan and the centre are still important to the local community.

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