Meeting with the Planning Directorate

Meeting with the Planning Directorate of the ACT Government.

Following an exchange of letters with the Minister, and with the Minister’s encouragement, two Committee members from the Curtin Residents Association met with the Project Manager for the Curtin Group Centre Master Plan. The meeting was helpful in rounding out our understanding of the process by which a development proposal for 44 Curtin Place will be evaluated. As we understand the situation, the Government has yet to receive a proposal from the developer, although discussions between the Government and the developer are ongoing. Given the extensive planning and consultation captured in the Draft Master Plan, it would be appropriate if development proposals were to be evaluated against that Draft Plan. However, advice to the Committee is that, until the Plan is finalised, evaluation will be against the current, much less prescriptive, rules. Accordingly, we have written again to the Minister requesting that the Plan be finalised as soon as possible.

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